CBD and Anxiety

When anxious feelings grip your emotions, it’s hard to see the sunny side of life. Yoga or exercise might help, but sometimes the uneasy feeling, like low, dark clouds, just won’t lift. That’s when a holistic remedy like CBD can help bring back the sunshine, making you feel centered and calm again.

Studies show that CBD will lower anxiety and lift those gloomy skies. If you have a serious anxiety disorder, you should see your doctor first. But studies show that CBD effectively calms the nerves, helping you ride a welcome wave of relaxation.

Better still, you can use it at work or on-the-go, as it doesn’t affect mental alertness or get you high.

What Anxiety Types Can CBD Help With?

Anxiety can put a huge dent in your quality of life, making it harder to work, sleep or play. At CBD Remedies, we sell everything from droplets to gummies that smooth the rough edges of life, re-igniting joy.

CBD can help with general anxiety as well as specific conditions like:

  • + Social Anxiety Disorder

  • + Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

  • + Insomnia

  • + Panic Attacks

How Effective is CBD for Anxiety?

A recent large study showed that CBD is very effective for those with anxiety, sleep disorders, or depression.

In one of the first large studies of its kind, CBD helped more than 66% of patients sleep more soundly. Even better, it helped a whopping 79% decrease anxiety and improve their mood. In many patients, the effect lasted over time, the study found.

How Safe is CBD for Anxiety?

Other cheering news for those troubled by anxiety: The study determined CBD is safe to use.

“The most notable benefit of (CBD) as a form of treatment is safety. There have been no reports of lethal overdose with either of the cannabinoids and … major complications are very limited,” the authors of the study wrote.

You can read more about the study here.

If You Have Anxiety, You’re Not Alone

CBD is very good news for the millions of Americans who suffer from anxiety and depression, and who often toss and turn at night as a result.

Anxiety disorders are the most common mood disorder in the U.S., afflicting 40 million adults, or 18% of the population. That means nearly two in 10 people struggle to keep calm and push away troubling thoughts.

Prescription drugs to treat these disorders often come with side effects. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use them if your doctor prescribes them — you definitely should. If you have anxiety or depression, making an appointment with your doctor should be your first step. But holistic remedies like CBD are key supplements to get you back in a mellow mood.

CBD Products for Anxiety

We have a carefully curated collection of CBD products for anxiety at CBD Remedies:

How CBD Helps with Anxiety

CBD is believed to reduce anxiety by helping the body process serotonin. This is a key hormone and neurotransmitter that plays a role in regulating emotions.

It is known that CBD works with sensors on the body’s cells to help stabilize body systems in a helpful way.

CBD Helps with Addiction

Sometimes, people with anxiety turn to drugs or alcohol to calm the storm inside of them. This can lead to bigger problems like addiction. Instead, CBD can help restore emotional balance without the addictive side-effects of drugs or alcohol

CBD also helped reduce the craving for drugs in one study, which found that CBD also lowered anxiety for up to a week after taking the dose.

How to Take CBD for Anxiety

CBD can be taken just in the morning or at night to ward off anxiety and help you rest peacefully. Tinctures are an easy way to take CBD. Just squeeze a few drops under your tongue where it’s quickly absorbed into the bloodstream.

If you want to take smaller amounts of CBD during the daytime, some people enjoy a rainbow of edible gummies infused with CBD. They’re inconspicuous at work, the gym, or just about anywhere.

There are even creams, capsules, and beverages infused with CBD.

What’s the Right Dose of CBD for Anxiety?

Your perfect CBD dose depends on your age, weight, and overall health. Starting with this online dosage calculator might help.

Here are general guidelines for how much CBD to take:

  • + In one study, those who took 25mg of CBD daily had better sleep quality. You may need to adjust the dose depending on how well it works for you.

  • + Consistently taking CBD keeps the CBD levels in your body at optimum levels. You can take CBD when you’re feeling anxious but it will work better if you take it regularly.

Get Back on Track Again

Anxiety, depression, and insomnia can derail your life. CBD is an excellent remedy in your holistic toolkit to help you get back on track and feeling like yourself again. Check out our CBD products for anxiety or if you’d like to consult with us in person, visit us at one of our three locations.