Bon Appetit! Using CBD in Food & Drinks

CNN has declared CBD “The USA’s coolest food and drink ingredient… the latest ‘it’ ingredient to hit menus.” As Americans, we have a long history of wanting something“ extra” in our beverages- whether it’s Matcha powder in our tea, special syrups in our coffee, or a scoop of protein powder in our smoothies. Like other additives, CBD packs a relaxing health punch. Serving it in drinks or desserts lets you enjoy its calming effects in fun new ways. We’re proud to say that CBD Remedies even has a drink named after our store at a local cocktail bar.

CBD is now the starring ingredient in cocktails, lattes and appetizers at the chicest bars and restaurants around the globe. You can pay $17 for a CBD cocktail at a fancy bar if you want to- but you can also make them yourself, right at home. What better way to support your health and have a good time, too?

Flavored Options

Some bartenders and baristas like to use a flavored CBD oil in their drinks. Oil-based tinctures can be dribbled in a pretty design to float on top of a latte or cocktail. Water- based tinctures dissolve into a liquid almost instantly and completely. CBD Remedies carries a variety of both products, although we recommend a water-based tincture like HemplucidNeuroXPF for liquids. As always, start with a smaller dose until you’re sure what works best for you. Citrus oils, also carried by Koi CBD, can be stirred into whipped cream to top your coffee drink, or added to margaritas and Champagne cocktails. Get seasonal with more exotic flavors by Koi CBD, such as pumpkin spice latte.

Juice bars have joined the trend, too, adding CBD to sparkling creations like coconut water and berry juice, or just a plain smoothie. The top-notch Hemplucid brand carried by CBD Remedies has whole plant, water-soluble CBD that will melt into your drink without a visible trace. Dosage for these drinks, especially alcoholic ones, tends to run on the lighter side- up to 10 mg, for just a shot of health benefits. Making your own food and drinks helps you control the quality of the CBD that is added.

Quality is Key

Unfortunately, there are many low-quality brands flooding the unregulated marketplace right now. Some contain pesticides, metals, or very low concentrations of CBD. Stocking top-quality oils by CBD Remedies in your home kitchen can solve this problem. Some people find the taste of CBD extracts and oils to be slightly bitter. An ingredient that pairs well with this taste is chocolate. Bittersweet chocolate, for instance, uses bitterness from the cocoa plant to cut the sweetness of added sugar. You can put top-quality CBD extracts from Bluebird Botanicals, carried by CBD remedies, in brownies, homemade fudge, and even chocolate sauce for a power-packed sundae. The uses for CBD in food are practically endless- stay tuned here at CBD Remedies for recipes and tips about how to further enjoy this exciting new trend.

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