Our Philosophy At CBD Remedies

Our business was built on our experience with customers in our brick-and-mortar store here in Lincoln, Nebraska. They told us their stories of illness, muscle ache or just wanting to “take the edge off” modern life. We’ve listened to what they had to say, and have curated the most trusted brands to serve you, our customer. For more detailed information on best selling brands we carry, please visit any brand on the "Shop by Brands" section of the website.

Our Expertiese

Our resident expert, Adam Brewer, has forged personal relationships with high-quality sellers in order to provide the best available CBD products. While some have called the CBD market the “Wild West” due to the large number of shoddy products out there, Adam represents the polar opposite. “The companies we carry are stricter with their batches - if a batch doesn’t test well, they make a new batch.

It’s rare, an exception in this business,” Adam explains. “There are dozens of manufacturers of CBD online. Lots of sites only sell the products that have the highest profit margin. Some of them manufacture their own product, and it’s not necessarily good quality. They may test their own product, but it’s not objective like third-party testing. If it’s not a well-made product, with quality testing and well-sourced hemp, we won’t carry it.”

Craft Brands

Instead, Adam searches out the “hard to find” hemp extractors that are doing the best work with CBDs. He has personal relationships with sales reps from award-winning brands like Barlean's, CBD Living, and CBDistillery. He tours manufacturing plants in Colorado, attends Hemp Expo and Trade events, and learns all about how the products work.

These brands follow the highest standards of the Colorado Department of Agriculture. “They use a C02 extraction process, the number one benchmark of a great product,” Adam said. It is the most expensive and high-tech method, but leaves no harmful chemical residues. Other methods can leave anhydrous ammonia, petrol or solvent residue in the product. “C02 extraction leaves the product with the widest range of active plant compounds, for the widest range of health benefits,” Adam explains. “These ‘full spectrum’ extracts are top of the line in the CBD market.”

Quality Assurance

This “craft” approach means that you will find only the safest, purest product lines on our site. For instance, check out our Bluebird Botanicals consistently ranked one of the top 10 quality CBD companies, year after year. Barlean's, which has been in the Health & Supplements industry for over 29 years, offers a high-quality CBD tincture.

Each product description on our site has a note from Adam explaining why we carry it, how it should be used, and special tips to help you decide which to buy. In addition, customers at CBD Remedies are always free to ask us about the quality of a batch. The batch number is printed on all of our products, and the quality control results can also be found online.

We welcome your testimonials, too! Contact us about how our products are helping and how we can improve. Even as we grow, we are committed to a personalized approach, to helping customers of all different ages, symptoms and concerns. Consumer education is our goal. Visit our site regularly for updates on the latest CBD trends, science and products.