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  • CBD and Anxiety

    CBD & Anxiety

    When anxious feelings grip your emotions, it’s hard to see the sunny side of life. Yoga or exercise might help, but sometimes the uneasy feeling, like low, dark clouds, just won’t lift. That’s when a holistic remedy like CBD can help bring back the sunshine, making you feel centered and calm again.

  • CBD Research: What do we know?

    CBD Reaserch: What do we know?

    “CBD has been considered as a potential therapeutic agent since the 1970s, when its anti-seizure properties were first examined in animal studies. A few very small randomized clinical trials were also conducted in adults with epilepsy, some showing positive results. But what has generated the renewed interest and excitement are the anecdotal reports that some children with otherwise untreatable severe epilepsies respond well to CBD extracts and oils.”