THE TOP 13: How to Pick the Best Hemp CBD Product For You

Hemp CBD is booming as a powerful natural supplement. And why not?

Cannabidiol (CBD) has many health benefits, including the support of mood, sleep, immune function, and stress levels. It has a broad-based effect on the body’s entire endocannabinoid system. It brings clarity of mind, helps with muscle recovery, and is a potent beauty aid. But the market is crammed with products- where can you get reliable information on which product is right for you?

The CBD market is unregulated and a lot of companies are trying to make a fast buck. They slap on false, misleading labels, use low-quality ingredients, and have poor manufacturing practices. It’s quite a challenge to make the right choice and spend your hard-earned dollars wisely. At CBD Remedies, we don’t believe that CBD products are a “grab and go” item. They’re not something you can find on a gas station shelf, along with some snacks for the road. Quality varies too widely, and there are too many diluted or contaminated products out there. Your health is too important to make a hasty decision.

CBD is a specialized market. You need to either do a lot of deep research, or rely on stores like ours. We have a highly-trained staff to answer questions and cater to your needs. We only sell premium brands, which is your best bet in the current, wide-open market. Consider the tips below on how to find the very best product

How to Pick the Best Hemp CBD Product for You

  1. 1. Go Natural.

    If you care about your health, you avoid overly processed foods that are stripped of their natural nutrients. Like whole grain bread, full-spectrum CBD gives you the full range of benefits nature intended. CBD is the biggest health powerhouse found in the hemp plant. But the plant shines in other ways, too. A full-spectrum product has a wide range of cannabinoids – there are more than 100 found in the hemp plant. In a full spectrum product, these work together in synergy. The benefits of all the cannabinoids as a whole, is greater than any of them individually. This gives you by far the biggest health boost. Treat your body to all the life-giving terpenes, flavonoids and fatty acids also found in a full-spectrum product. The full-spectrum CBD found on this site complies with the law and contains less than .3 percent THC. Some of our top-selling full spectrum brands include Barlean’s, Charlotte's Web, and CBD Luxe.

  2. 2. Go Trusted.

    We can all think of healthy food brands that we’ve loved and enjoyed over the years. The same is true of CBD. Sure, you can buy an unknown brand from the grocery store. But you may be throwing your money away. The quality of CBD swings wildly from brand to brand. The FDA tested several brands on the market and found that many had only small amounts of CBD. Some had toxins from cheap extraction methods. Others had higher levels of THC than advertised. At CBD Remedies, we only sell the top brands in the industry. Award-winning brands like Barlean’s have a long track record and invest in high-tech manufacturing to ensure potency and purity. Extract Labs and Medterra are always at the top of the list when it comes to quality and innovation. CBD Remedies has a carefully curated collection to eliminate the guesswork.

  3. 3. Buy American.

    Make sure the products come from hemp plants grown in the USA. Hemp should come from a single source. Unfortunately, many CBD brands use hemp from several sources because it’s cheaper. That means the quality is inconsistent and so are the levels of CBD. When a company makes CBD from one source- ideally, its own hemp farm- it’s going to have consistent high quality. The soil, climate, and genetics of the plants all matter. It’s like a vineyard that makes fine wine from only carefully tended, chosen vines. Some of the best hemp comes from the U.S. and especially from the states of Colorado and Kentucky. The department of agriculture in these states certifies that the hemp is good quality, an important safeguard. We sell Colorado and Kentucky-based CBD products on this site.

  4. 4. Check the Extraction Process.

    At CBD Remedies, most of our brands use the high tech C02 extraction process. It’s expensive, requires cutting-edge, specialized equipment, and produces the best quality CBD by far. In this method, carbon dioxide is pressurized until it becomes a supercritical fluid. It allows extraction of the CBD in a way that doesn’t leave behind harmful chemicals, byproducts or toxins. Other methods can result in harmful byproducts in the CBD. Independent testing should show whether CBD has any chemical solvents, such as glycols. These are toxic, and should definitely be avoided.

  5. 5. Beware of False Labeling.

    Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine examined the accuracy of labels on 84 CBD products sold online. They found that most of the labeling was inaccurate. The products often contained far less CBD than they claimed. Only 30 percent were accurately labeled. The THC content also didn’t match the labels at times. The bottom line: stick to trusted brands such as those sold at CBD Remedies.

  6. 6. Check the Lab Testing.

    Since CBD products aren’t regulated by the FDA, shoddy companies can sell pretty much whatever they want right now and claim that it’s good CBD. As a safeguard, quality brands will provide multi-level, independent testing of their products. They use unbiased, third-party testing to verify what is in the product and in what amounts. Good brands often post their Certificate of Analysis (COA) on their website. The certificates often tell you the percentage of CBD, terpenes, and other phytocannabinoids. If testing shows that there are solvents, pesticides, herbicides, growth hormones or fertilizers in the product, don’t buy it. Good quality CBD should be completely free of these contaminants.

    Multi-level testing also means that random batches are tested instead of just one batch. Quality brands will even show you how to look at their testing online. The label shows you how to search and find the test results. If a batch doesn’t test well, quality manufacturers will discard the batch. By contrast, poor manufacturers will test just one batch and sell all of the rest without testing them.

  7. 7. Get the Most for Your Money.

    Many first-time buyers of CBD are deterred by the price. CBD is, frankly, expensive to make. The growing process is complicated as you need special seed and cultivating methods for CBD hemp. The best extraction methods require expensive equipment. And third-party testing can cost a company in the six figures. But the best brands consider it worthwhile to ensure a great product. The good news: CBD is potent and powerful, and a bottle of CBD can last you a while. How can you know if your CBD is a good deal or not? Prices vary widely. The best plan is to figure out how much the CBD costs per milligram, and then compare. Sometimes if you buy bulk products or a larger bottle, you get a discount. Beyond price, here are some tips to getting the most out of your CBD: CBD is absorbed most easily with food in your stomach. To absorb more of the CBD directly into your system, hold it under your tongue for 2-3 minutes before swallowing. Finally, some trusted brands have lower price tags to help you enjoy more CBD. We carry Medterra, for instance, which has a mission to provide CBD to all customers at an affordable price.

  8. 8. Watch Out for Only Seeds and Stalks

    If a company claims the CBD comes only from the seeds and stalks of the hemp plant, watch out. There is no CBD in hempseed and there is only a small amount in the the stalk of the hemp plant. Steer Clear of CBD “Junk Food.” With companies like Coca-Cola exploring the idea of CBD products, make sure there isn’t a sugar overload. Some gummies, for instance, contain corn syrup and artificial colors.

  9. 9. Experiment with Innovation.

    The top companies are constantly coming up with exciting new products and delivery methods. If you want CBD that goes directly into your lungs and system, bypassing the digestive process, try our soothing “Be Calm” CBD lavender inhaler by CBD Luxe. Colorado-made Farmhouse products use a special, intensive process that produces CBD rosin. This results in an extremely pure and concentrated salve for maximum potency to help with skin problems and pain in the joints. Our Women’s Monthly Wellness gel caps combine CBD with calming valerian root and cramp bark. And we have heard many success stories about our products for pets. From arthritis to anxiety, CBD products like Bluebird Hemp Companion are at the forefront of innovation for your pets.

  10. 10. Pick the Best Delivery System.

    If you want quick relief, inhalers, vapes, and tinctures enter the body fast. Edibles have to be digested first, but the product is released into your body over a longer period of time. Sore joints and skin problems get direct relief from salves and creams. And there’s nothing wrong with popping a softgel if you’re on the go or just more comfortable swallowing a capsule.

  11. 11. Be Patient and Experiment.

    Our resident expert Adam Brewer advises that it can take up to a week for CBD results to be fully felt. It builds up in the body and the results are sustained with more regular use. You are simply going to get more benefits if you use it regularly than you would if you use it now and then. If you are deciding on a dose, our top-quality products often have a recommended dosage on the packaging. If you’re new to CBD, start with a smaller dose and work your way up until the desired results are felt. Each person is different, and your metabolism, weight, and genetics come into play. You might need more CBD if the condition you’re treating is more severe. Some people prefer to take a “wellness dose” daily to maintain good health- because health isn’t important just when you’re feeling sick.

  12. 12. Ask the Seller or Staff Important Questions about CBD

    When selecting a high quality CBD, the staff at any store should be able to answer your questions. A company that cares about the customer, like we do here at CBD Remedies, will have the time to take and explain CBD and Dosage to you amongst any other important things like drug interactions. If your experience doesn't include good information about proper use, consider another option.

  13. 13. Educate Yourself.

    Our website has blogs and product recommendations to educate you as quickly as possible about the myriad health benefits of CBD. Adam Brewer’s expert advice is sprinkled throughout our web pages. And feel free to chat - a chat window opens as soon as you visit the site. We love hearing from our customers and offer personalized advice to find the right product, every time.