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2723 N 48th St

Lincoln, NE 68504

2723 N 48th St

Lincoln, NE 68504

Mon-Fri: 10am - 5pm CST

CBD Luxe

CBD Luxe "Be Alert" Lemon Ginger Honey Enhanced Full Spectrum 1000 mg Hemp Oil Tincture


CBD Luxe "Be Alert" Lemon Ginger Honey Terpene Enhanced Full Spectrum 1000 mg Hemp Oil Tincture

An invigorating daytime CBD tincture. Offering a blend of lemon, ginger and honey with organic terpenes to heighten your energy.

Ingredients are organic and non-GMO. 

30ml/1000mg FSHO

CBD Luxe's Bio-Enhanced Tinctures are made with Colorado Department of Agriculture Certified Hemp. CBD Luxe utilizes the strictest, most ethical, organic-compliant cultivation methods to create the richest, full phytocannabinoid hemp oil available.

Rich in CBD, CBG, CBV, and CBN, full Phytocannabinoid Hemp Oil is unmatched in its purity, efficacy and quality. They use organic-certified, non-GMO MCT coconut oil as their base for a healthy delivery base.

Your body deserves organic, clean, pure, high-quality wellness products, which are valuable for your active and healthy lifestyle. This is exactly what they have created at CBD Luxe. Their products use full plant extracts with all their natural healing compounds. The tincture is a highly effective delivery system with an unmatched level of purity and quality.

Adam's Note:

CBD Luxe is a small, yet fast-growing Colorado company with high standards in innovation, technology and quality. Their products are made of hemp extracts from USDA certified organic hemp farms. Their products are infused with terpenes and essential oils to maximize the tasting experience and the overall effects of CBD. These bio-enhanced tinctures contain the purest form of phytocannabinoid hemp oil, which is rich not only in CBD but also in CBG, CBV and CBN.

CBD Luxe Backstory:

Known as a competitive professional snowboarder worldwide and a big mountain ski guide for decades, co-founder William Spilo’s adventure and passion also unfortunately involved some serious injuries (including a broken back, reconstructed shoulders) over the years. During the time he was recovering, he heard about CBD and wanted to try something natural to heal and recover. The life-changing benefits of CBD lead him to create CBD Luxe, a product line for athletes and all who enjoy the sporting lifestyle.