CBD Pet Drops Tincture - Full Spectrum Hemp Extract - 300mg 1oz, 600mg 2oz

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Pet Drops CBD Hemp Extract Tincture

Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Rosin Extract - Available in 300mg 1oz or 600mg 2oz

All Natural Tasty Flavors to bring your pet running!

This hand pressed oil is the perfect natural solution to get your pet back in playing condition. Keep your furry friends feeling their best with Farmhouse Hemp’s all natural CBD oil packed with crucial terpenes and cannabinoids that will help keep your fur family playful and lively!

Adams Note:

What makes Farmhouse special is how the hemp is grown. All of their processes are organic. They source local ingredients and they use what is called a rosin extraction process, which is hand-pressed and labor-intensive.

The result: a pure, clean product without any chemicals used in the processing. It's 100 percent natural and made with full-spectrum hemp oil. Farmhouse hemp is made in Ft. Collins, Colorado.

These delicious drops are specially created for your four-legged friends. Cats and dogs have endocannabinoid systems in their bodies that respond to CBD just like ours. The same top quality, full spectrum hemp is used in their pet tincture. It is carefully formulated and you can easily find the right dose for your pet based on their weight.

Additional Information

Farmhouse products are carefully tested for potency and purity. They include all-natural, tasty flavors that will bring your pet running.
Find the certificate of analysis in our Lab Report Database, here.

Available Strengths

10 mg CBD per ml/30 ml bottle

10 mg CBD per ml/60 ml bottle


Farmhouse Hemp Rosin Press CBD Hemp Extract, MCT Oil (Coconut extract), Beef Bullion