Can I Fly With Delta 8 THC?

It might seem nerve-racking having to travel with any type of THC. However, one important thing to remember is that Delta 8 THC is Hemp Derived, and in the same category as CBD. But, we understand you may still have some concerns. So, we want to give you some insight about things you need to know before traveling with Delta 8 THC.

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Traveling with Delta 8 THC

Delta 8 Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is a cannabinoid derived from Hemp. It is similar to the more potent Delta-9 variant that can get you high. Keep in mind that Delta 8 THC contains less than 0.03% of Delta 9 THC. Like Cannabidiol (CBD), Delta 8 THC can be legally sold and transported under Federal Law. However, there are some states that have made Delta 8 illegal to be sold or consumed.

Traveling Within The U.S.

If you do decide to travel with Delta 8 you’ll want to be sure you only take it with you to states where it’s legal. The TSA is in charge of making sure passengers are not carrying anything that can cause physical harm or pose a danger to the flight. If they do have a question about a product being transferred they usually refer to local law enforcement. Therefore, check the legality of Delta 8 in the state where you are traveling to.

Keep in mind that when you are traveling within the U.S. there is a 3.5 oz liquid limit. So, be sure your Delta 8 Tincture or Delta 8 Cartridge doesn’t surpass this limit. Also, you’ll want to pack your disposable pens or vape device on your carry-on bag instead of the bag you checked in. One other thing is that you can’t vape or charge your device while you’re on the flight. Be sure not to use any device while you’re in the air as it can disrupt your flight.

International Travel

Unlike the U.S. that has legalized Hemp products, you shouldn’t travel with any type of CBD or Delta 8 THC internationally. Although countries like Canada have legalized Marijuana, CBD is considered a controlled substance. Not just Canada but other countries do not permit you to travel with anything that has even the slightest percentage of THC; regardless if the product can get you high or not. So, we recommend not to travel with Delta 8 THC on international flights.

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Helpful Tips

It’s always a good practice to look at the flight policy regarding vape products and Hemp Derived products like CBD (They might not have an official policy on Delta 8 so refer to their CBD policy). In order to avoid any confusion about what type of product you have be sure to keep it in its original package. The packaging usually has labeled the amount of THC levels, and the type of THC that it contains.

Another helpful tip is to be sure that your products are properly sealed. If they are not stored correctly they can start leaking so you might want to pack everything in a ziplock bag. Although if they are stored in their original packaging it should suffice, but it’s better to be double sure that it doesn’t leak.

Alternatives To Flying With Delta 8 THC

If you are still concerned about flying with Delta 8 here are some alternatives that you might want to consider. This includes shipping or purchasing your Delta 8 locally, or opting out for CBD instead.

Shipping Delta 8

We understand that you still might not feel comfortable flying with Delta 8 despite all the information out there. A lot of local law enforcement still have no idea how to deal with Delta 8 so you might not want to go through the hassle of having to explain yourself. So, we recommend shipping your Delta 8 to the location you’ll be traveling to. This of course only applies to domestic flights within the U.S where Delta 8 is legal.

Purchasing Delta 8 Locally

If you’re flying to a state where Delta 8 is legal you can just purchase it from a local shop instead of flying with it. Shops that sell CBD or vape products tend to carry Delta 8 THC. Although it might not be from your favorite brand, it’s still better than nothing. However, you will want to make sure that your Delta 8 does come from a reputable brand. This is to avoid any counterfeit product since they probably won’t list their THC levels.

Traveling With CBD Instead

An alternative to flying with Delta 8 is opting out for CBD instead. Since CBD is more recognizable than Delta 8, you’re less than likely to run into any issues. Although CBD is non-psychoactive, you won’t get the same buzz as you would with Delta 8. However, CBD is a Cannabinoid found in Hemp with similar properties. Try our locally formulated house blend for an easy and natural CBD tincture.


If you do decide to travel with Delta 8 THC just be sure it’s legal in the state that you are in and in the state where you are going to. Also, to avoid any complications you will want to avoid traveling internationally with Delta 8 in your bag. Alternatively, you can always either ship, or purchase Delta 8 THC locally if it’s legal where you’re from or going to. There shouldn’t be any issue flying with Delta 8 but you will want to use caution since the person at the airport might be unfamiliar with what Delta 8 THC is.

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