About CBD Remedies

Humble Beginnings

When our company started back in 2017 we had no idea just how many people we would reach. We started as a small rented space in Lincoln, NE and have grown into three locations Lincoln wide with the ability to reach anyone across the country with CBD education and our products. We have grown into a company that prides itself on its diverse staff. From our sales associates to the founders and owners, we all work together to ensure we provide everyone with the right solutions for them.

USA Grown, Organic, Lab Tested Seals

Quality Assurance

We believe when using CBD as a health supplement, it is important that your products are made by trusted brands. We do our due diligence so that we can ensure that we are giving you a product you are comfortable with. From Seed to Bottle we ensure that every product we carry is top quality. We offer trustworthy brands with large followings and guaranteed quality, as well as smaller all natural and local brands to provide a wide variety of products for what you are looking for. We even go so far as to provide third party testing results and certificates of analysis for all of our products. We want to make it as easy as possible to ensure that you get a product that you can feel confident in using.

The Power of Hemp

We are passionate about what we do. We harness the Power of Hemp to help you lead a healthier, more natural life. Education matters to us, all of our staff stay up to date on our products and we even offer educational seminars for people considering CBD but are wary of it. We truly want you feeling the best, and anything we can do for you to ensure that is worth it. We strive to collect all the information we can on products. Customer testimonials are a huge part of our process. Hearing the success stories from our customers about how these products have helped them and their pets motivates and inspires us. Your feedback matters to us, we want to hear your stories not just so we can figure out what product is for you, but because we want to celebrate with you as your health improves.

Community Driven

At CBD Remedies we are always looking to give back to our communities. As our contribution to the city of Lincoln, Nebraska, we are building partnerships with local organizations such as the Lincoln Treatment and Methadone Center, The Animal Rescue Society, and others by offering discounts and donated products. We have a deep commitment to help people and animals find an alternate, natural path to wellness. Our customers have given us so much, we try to give back just as much to them.

Part of the Better Business Bureau

We're proud to be a part of the BBB as of 5/4/2021. Visit our BBB listing here.

CBD Remedies BBB Accredited Business Seal