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Calm, cool, collected.

Recess Sparkling Waters are filled with powerful ingredients to keep you calm, cool and collected throughout your busy day. Each can is infused with 10mg of CBD and plant-based adaptogens to help promote a sense of balance and wellbeing. With these sparkling waters, a stress-free day is just a few sips away.

Beneficial Ingredients you can feel

Broad Spectrum Hemp

Recently, studies have shown hemp helps support a variety of bodily processes by interacting with our endocannabinoid system, in plain terms, it calms the mind and balances the body.

Plant-Based Adaptogens

Recess formulas are infused with American ginseng to boost vitality and help you focus. L-theanine is incorporated to ease tension and brighten your day while lemon balm is used to support equilibrium and help you unwind.

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