Ask The Doctors At CBD Remedies

Dr. Andrea Holmes, Ph. D

Dr. Andrea Holmes, Ph.D.

CBD expert and co-founder of a hemp extraction company in Colorado.

She can answer questions like:
  • What is in my CBD product and why?
  • How does my CBD work?
  • What research has been done on CBD?
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How Do Consultations Work?

Dr. Holmes is available for consultations as short as 15 minutes or up to an hour based on your needs and questions. These consultations are available online through zoom or in-store at our 2525 S. Pine Lake Rd. Location. Visit with a doctor in a quiet office setting one on one. These consultations are completely confidential.

Ask your CBD questions with confidence. These knowledgeable doctors are here to help you find safe, reliable and effective CBD products and the right method of use just for you. They can also review any medications and health supplements you take for the best CBD outcomes.

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“How does my CBD work? Will I have any side effects taking CBD? Will my prescription medication interact with CBD? What is the right dose of CBD for me? How can I tell if my CBD is pure and clean?”

Expert advice is as helpful in the CBD marketplace as it is rare. CBD is sold in a highly unregulated market with no FDA guidelines to support the market. Studies have shown that CBD is often weaker than advertised, or stronger, or even poor quality. Knockoff CBD products don’t have the same wide array of health benefits as pure CBD. Read more about mislabeled CBD here. At CBD Remedies, we now offer the expert advice you need on the best products, the right dosages, and how CBD works in tandem with healthcare.

Powerful Partnerships

Here at CBD Remedies we’ve always sold only the purest, high-quality, lab tested products. Like the old fashion corner drugstore we consult with our clients about their health needs, history, and wellness needs. so we can find the perfect CBD products tailored to their specific needs. We’ve taken another step by partnering with two amazing consulting physicians who can answer all your CBD questions and help you avoid unwanted side effects.

As our clients you can now schedule consultations with these doctors about your CBD questions. They will help guide you to the best CBD products for you.We are always happy to provide lab testing reports on request or you can find them in our data base.

At CBD Remedies, your health and well-being are our number one priority.