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  • The Top 15 CBD-Infused Drink Recipes

    The Top 15 CBD-Infused Drink Recipes

    Did you know that your Mom could be adding CBD to all of her drinks? Are you CBD-curious? Impress your Mom with a CBD cocktail or a coffee she’s sure to love this Mother’s Day from our list of must have CBD drink recipes.Maybe you’re having breakfast with Mom this weekend. We have recipes just for lemonades and lattes, the perfect morning drinks. Are you having dinner with Mom this weekend? Try one of the cocktails or teas!

  • Is CBD Oil Addictive?

    Is CBD Oil Addictive?

    Many people who are interested in trying CBD oil might be hesitant to do so since it derives from the same genus as marijuana, Cannabis. Though this is true, these two plants are very different! Without an accurate understanding of the differences, some people worry that taking CBD will lead to possible addiction. But if you’re one of those worried about addiction, we are here to help clarify any concerns — because CBD is not addictive at all.

  • Bear Necessities

    Bear Necessities

    Bears are among the most massive and powerful animals on earth. They are also very intelligent. They can use tools, they have a remarkably acute sense of smell, good eyesight and hearing, and they hibernate during inhospitable winters when the pickings are slim for food.

    Hibernating brown bears will stay in their dens for up to seven months without eating or drinking. Somehow their bodies recycle waste without having to urinate or defecate. Their metabolism and heartbeat slow down considerably as they enter a not-quite-deep-sleep state known as “torpor” that enables a bear to sense environmental stimuli without becoming aroused. How is this possible?